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Sulmona, Citta d'Arte...

The medieval city of Sulmona, at the foot of the rich Maiella mountain range, is located in a rich and uniquely beautiful valley, just two hours east of Rome between two National Parks. The river Gizio flows through the valley and at certain times of the year, is characterized by its frigid white waters.

Sulmona consists of different sections; the “Old City” where B&B Sei Stelle is located, and the many newer parts of the city.  The old city was once surrounded by a fortress.  Now only the “Porte”, doors or gates remain.  

Sulmona is brimming with great restaurants, interesting shops, cozy caffes and endless historic exploration. 

Sulmona is the birthplace of Ovid

Poet and writer Ovidio Nasone, known as ‘The Father of the Latin Language” was born here in 43 B.C. A statue of Ovid stands in the iconic Piazza XX Settembre.

Sulmona is famous for its Confetti

These almond coated candies made in Sulmona are no ordinary confetti. They are the best confetti in the world.  It is in Sulmona where the process of extracting the skin from the almond before the sugary coating is added, was perfected.  The Italians use confetti for celebrations.  In fact, no wedding, baptism or anniversary would be complete without them. 


La Madonna Che Scappa in Piazza

Translation:  The Madonna who runs in the Piazza”.  The tradition is held every Easter Sunday morning in Sulmona's Piazza Maggiore, regardless of weather.  As the day begins, the mourning Madonna, dressed in black,. is praying at the church of San Filippo.  St. John and St. Peter approach to tell her that Christ has risen.  The statue of the Madonna, carried 

shoulder height by attendants, slowly emerges from the church and begins to cross the piazza.  The mood is somber and heavy with her grief.  Suddenly, she sees the risen Christ from across the piazza and begins to run to him.  As her attendants pick up speed, her black clock suddenly falls to reveal a beautiful green cloak. The mood of the cheering crowd becomes joyous and exuberant. 


La Giostra Cavalleresca di Sulmona

Held annually during the last week of July and the first week of August, this medieval joust, the oldest in Italy, transforms the city back to a time when neighborhood pride was an integral part of one’s identity.  The old city is divided into seven “borghi or sestieri” which represent neighborhoods.  Each borgo has its own colors, costumes, events and flags and works to hire and train a “Cavalieri” or knight who will compete in the joust. 

Bragging rights for the winning borgo are highly prized, competition is serious. 


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